6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement

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Craig W. Medlyn, SPHR, HR Director
Craig W. Medlyn, SPHR, HR Director The John Hopkins Carey Business School
Vicki Hess aptly takes the reader through the key drivers of employee engagement in a way that provides a pro-active approach that is realistic, easy to follow and to the point.A must read for any organization that is either struggling to get the results they need – or who are looking to take their organization to the next level.
Mark W. Light, CAE, CEO and Executive Director
Mark W. Light, CAE, CEO and Executive DirectorInternational Association of Fire Chiefs
I was able to read your upcoming book and thought it was marvelous.  I have been in a leadership position of some sort now for 30 years, with almost 25 of those years being at the COO or CEO level.  The approach you use in your book is one we know, but one we often overlook.  It puts things in perspective and I found it was a good reminder of the core functions that we all should be doing as leaders.  I would recommend that every leader read your book every couple of years to assist in remaining ...
Paula Burkes, Workplace Reporter
Paula Burkes, Workplace ReporterThe Oklahoman state newspaper
Can your company’s leaders articulate how they’re keeping employees passionate, peppy and productive? If not, likely three-fourths of your staff is checked out and generating lackluster results. In this easy-to-read, short handbook, renowned author/speaker Vicki Hess explains why a culture of “employee engagement” is critical and how to build it — by adding regular “rounding,” ready-made team exercises and included plug-and-play videos to things you already do. Hess is sure to get you and your managers fired up about the power of employee engagement, and together you’ll ignite your employees to share responsibility for their own engagement and ...
Loretta Carter, Regional Education Director
Loretta Carter, Regional Education DirectorParallon Workforce Solutions
Vicki Hess starts with basic proven strategies for employee engagement and adds an up to date twist using simple, easy and common sense practices that can work for all types of businesses. Her 6 shortcuts are not just the next tactical response to improving employee engagement but real-world strategies to ignite a spark of excitement at the core of your organization. This book starts the flow of employee engagement from the bottom up. Vicki explains 6 easy and simple methods that show your employees how to take responsibility and get energized. They can realistically see the win-win for ...
Ray Brusca, Group Vice President Human Resources
Ray Brusca, Group Vice President Human ResourcesTechtronic Industries
6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement Business Edition is a buzzword free, how-to guide for business leaders. This well-crafted primer shows leaders how to easily drive impactful behaviors aimed at achieving a unified vision and sustainable bottom-line results. Using the practical, common sense tools and methods Vicki Hess presents, the organization and employees will buy into, live and promote a culture of engagement.
Lee B Zaben, Chief Financial Officer
Lee B Zaben, Chief Financial OfficerGuestCounts Hospitality LLC
Have you ever read a book and the entire time think about how you are interacting with your employees and whether they are receiving the message you are trying to convey? Well 6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement Business Edition was that book for me. A practical and helpful approach to assure you are successfully engaging your employees. Vicki’s message and techniques will help business leaders succeed in today’s challenging environment.
Holly Edington, SVP, Human Resources
Holly Edington, SVP, Human ResourcesCorporate Offices Property Trust (COPT)
What at treat! I got started and couldn’t put it down. Your advice to “read the whole book before you start implementing the shortcuts” was spot on. What leader isn’t trying to Do-More-With-Less in today’s world? 6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement Business Edition will be my handbook in making engagement (which I will now call Professional Paradise) part of my daily routine. A good leader is most likely already walking around, holding team meetings and regular one-on-ones. Now, a great leader can utilize these shortcuts to analyze, energize and revitalize their workforce. This will become a “must read” in our ...
Mike Holland, Vice President
Mike Holland, Vice PresidentNEXT LEVEL Partners™, LLC
Most leaders really do want to improve employee engagement – they just don’t have an effective method that works along with (rather than in addition to) all the other priorities in their day. 6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement Business Edition provides a structured and sustainable yet simple and practical solution in a flexible way. This is what leaders really need – especially in today’s business environment that can easily drive most leaders to become disconnected with their associates and the status of the workplace.
Don McPherson, President
Don McPherson, PresidentModern Survey
Employee engagement throughout the United States is at dangerously low levels. Leaders have an obligation to their employees, customers and stake holders to elevate engagement. Vicki Hess’ 6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement Business Edition provides a roadmap for making that happen.