6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement – Healthcare Edition

The Healthcare Edition of 6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement includes the easy-to-implement, high-impact ideas to keep employees engaged, with a special focus on healthcare. Vicki has adapted her top selling employee engagement book for the healthcare leader who faces a shifting landscape and multiple priorities. Vicki’s book outlines an effective method for improving engagement that enhances the efforts of hospital staff so that they can achieve their goals for the day!

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Leaders end up with real-world solutions to improve engagement, which in turn improves:

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“6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement Healthcare Edition gets right to the heart of what’s needed in healthcare today…improved employee engagement. Using a translational approach, Vicki synthesizes current evidence-based research about employee engagement and combines it with success stories of organizations that are doing things right. And the shortcut format is perfect for busy leaders. Every healthcare leader should read this book!”

Neil Meltzer, President & CEO, LifeBridge Health

“6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement Healthcare Edition provides clear and actionable strategies to impact our organizations most important resource. As leaders, we often think we are focused on improving employee engagement, but often lose focus on how to deliver consistent results. This book outlines simple and effective techniques for leaders to be successful creating and maintaining a workplace that encourages employees and builds lasting loyalty.”

Tim McManus, CEO, Chippenham & Johnston Willis

“Most leaders really do want to improve employee engagement – they just don’t have an effective method that works along with (rather than in addition to) all the other priorities in their day. This provides a structured and sustainable yet simple and practical solution in a flexible way. This is what the healthcare environment (and other industries, for that matter) really need – especially in today’s business environment that can easily drive most leaders to become disconnected with their associates and the status of the workplace.”

Mike Holland, Vice President, Lean Healthcare

“Employee engagement throughout the United States is at dangerously low levels, even in healthcare. Our hospitals and clinics have a moral obligation to their employees and patients to elevate engagement. Vicki Hess’ 6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement Healthcare Edition provides a roadmap for making that happen.”

Don MacPherson, President, Modern Survey

“At Brightview Senior Living, we have always believed that employee engagement drives the satisfaction of our residents, which in turn leads to strong financial results and the successful growth of our company.  Vicki Hess’s strategies to optimize employee engagement are powerful, yet very practical.   In our business, as is the case for many, selecting and retaining the best possible employees is fundamental to our success.  Hess’s philosophy of  shared responsibility  for engagement makes clear the critical role of employees in this process and provides many easy to implement suggestions for how business leaders can effectively support, model and drive this involvement.”

Marilynn K. Duker, President, Brightview Senior Living

“As leaders we are all trying to reach the “tipping point” for sustainable employee engagement. This book is a great tool to provide practical and realistic content and context for success. It educates, encourages, and inspires.”

Samuel Ross, M.D., M.S., Chief Executive Officer, Bon Secours Baltimore Health System

“We all have limited time and resources in an ever changing healthcare world.  Employees are our heartbeat.  If you want a clear, concise roadmap to elevate the level of employee engagement and satisfaction in your workforce, 6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement is a must read!”

Dorrie B. Rambo, Chief Financial Officer, Elder Outreach

“6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement Healthcare Edition, written by Vicki Hess is a must read book which digs into a critical dilemma in healthcare that has been either dismissed or ignored for too long. Total, 100% employee engagement is what it’s about and it cannot be ignored or dismissed   any longer or the healthcare industry is destined to fail in its mission of taking care of patients!  Think of it, how can we do more with less and deliver quality healthcare unless a workforce is totally inspired and totally committed to attain excellence! And how can we as an industry ignore the tools that are offered to us by Hess to bring about the profound revolution that we have all agreed is long overdue? Read Hess’s book and learn from her common sense concepts that guarantee absolute employee engagement! Hess has put together an exceptional book which has come along at the right time and is destined to be quoted and used by all those who are committed to total engagement and personal accountability. I highly recommend this very significant piece of sheer enlightenment!”

Chuck Lauer, Author, Writer, Advisor & former Publisher and Editorial Director of Modern Healthcare

“Vicki’s book, 6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement Healthcare Edition, provides a comprehensive and simple approach that includes real solutions for today’s leaders. Many books offer great ideas but Vicki provides actionable tools that a leader can begin to use immediately. Vicki has connected the dots between employee engagement and improved productivity and provides tools and resources to help today’s business managers do more with less.  Following her plan can lead to a win-win for employees, organizations and leaders. Reading this book is like having Vicki right there with you as a personal coach helping tackle real challenges.  An enjoyable and easy read with actionable tools and resources that can be used immediately.”

Carolyn L. Candiello, Vice President, Quality and Patient Safety, Greater Baltimore Medical Center 

“6 Short Cuts to Employee Engagement Healthcare Edition is a powerful playbook to aide leaders in guiding employees to create a “Professional Paradise”.  This book is easy to read and provides excellent engagement activities.”

Evelyn M. Amaral, Vice President of Innovation, Lifebridge Health

“Vicki’s book 6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement Healthcare Edition makes an important contribution to the biggest challenge facing most healthcare organizations today – fostering a culture of ownership with a high level of employee engagement.  Her strategies are practical and immediately implementable.  In particular, her insight that people don’t really relate to being “engaged” – they relate to being satisfied, energized, and productive – can spark an entirely new way of thinking about how to enhance engagement.  I am highly recommending this book to all of our healthcare clients.”

Joe Tye, CEO of Values Coach Inc. and author of The Florence Prescription: From Accountability to Ownership

Purchase your copy today!  $19.95

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