As a healthcare professional, are you feeling more anxiety and stress than ever before?

Don't Worry...Here's the Solution!

SHIFT to Professional Paradise in Stormy & Uncertain Times provides empowering tools for feeling better at work so that you are healthier, happier and more connected to what matters most to you.

  • Experience personal happiness and optimal job satisfaction.
  • Reduce stress and have peace of mind.
  • Create constructive outcomes to challenging problems and tough workplace situations.
  • Build and maintain positive connections with coworkers, patients and their families.
  • Implement long term changes that lead to remarkable results.

You’ll read about real healthcare workplace examples across all departments (clinical and non-clinical) and receive practical tools to become more satisfied, energized and productive at work.

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“Outsiders looking in don’t see healthcare as a place for peace and tranquility, but the healthcare professionals with a deep passion for their work, see those moments in many encounters. By providing insights and a practical step-by-step guide in shifting perspectives, SHIFT to Professional Paradise in Stormy & Uncertain Times offers us ALL the opportunity to find meaningful connections and more positive experiences in every healthcare interaction.”

Olesea Azevedo, Chief Human Resource Officer, AdventHealth

“SHIFT to Professional Paradise in Stormy & Uncertain Times is a crucially important book for all healthcare workers.  Vicki shows us how to go from stressed and overwhelmed to calm and connected using easy-to-remember tools. Readers are reminded of how empowering our beliefs and mindsets are in creating “Professional Paradise.” The healthcare examples are relevant and real-world, and when teams read it together the power of the message increases exponentially.”

LeAnn Thieman, Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul for Nurses series and SelfCare for HealthCare ®

Less Stress Pack

“Vicki’s perspectives on paradise in the workplace transport caregivers to a place of calm, acceptance and positivity, even in the most difficult of times.  Her emphasis on controlling what’s within yourself in the midst of external forces which cannot be changed is particularly poignant in times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Lara Klick, Vice President, Chief Patient Experience Officer, Tampa General Hospital

“Vicki is a true pioneer in the area of employee engagement…SHIFT to Professional Paradise in Stormy & Uncertain Times is very much needed during this time of unprecedented crisis which requires the SHIFT in thinking and intentionality with reshaping an uncertain future into a positive one that we can enjoy and partake in – BY CHOICE! I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with Vicki and she truly writes with authenticity.  She lives what she writes and her voice and writings are needed in today’s times. 

Katie Boston-Leary, PhD MBA MHA NEA-BC, Nurse Executive, Consultant, Adjunct Professor & Certified Executive Coach

Bonus Tools and Videos

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