UGH! I burnt the apple crisp

My husband loves honey crisp apples. We recently bought a bag and several of them were bruised and not in great shape so I offered to make an apple crisp.

I easily found a recipe and got started. Alan had already cored and cut up the apples so the hard part was done. I mixed up the crumble for the top and put it together. Into the oven it went. I set the timer and when it went off, the top didn’t have that nice crispy look I was going for so I put it back in.


It will come as no surprise given the subject line of this email that I burnt the apple crisp. And…it never really got crispy.

POW! (To refresh your memory, a POW is something internal or external that feels like a heavy blow).

I was so aggravated with myself. I got a little obsessive about what had gone wrong. I kept replaying what I could have done differently. I call that a Play it Again POW. I have a few ideas about why it was bugging me so much but that’s not the message I want to share today.

The reality is that POWs are going to happen.

Sometimes we create the negative results like I did with the crisp and other times the results are foisted upon us. You might be thinking, I wish my POWs were as simple as burnt baked goods and you’re right – this is definitely a first world POW!

But work with me here. Its a metaphor for life…and it was still frustrating!

One idea when you’re doing the Play it Again POW is to Shake It Off!

That’s what I did to move on from the burnt apple crisp. I turned on some of my favorite tunes (Maroon 5 is my go-to pep me up music) and started to shake it off. I shook my arms and legs. I did some funky dance moves that resembled brushing off the aggravation. You get the idea.

Next time you’re stuck doing the Play it Again POW (over and over), Shake It Off! Go to the restroom, the break room or outside. Put on some tunes that make you happy and let yourself go. Let that POW go. Just for a few minutes move your body so that you can move your mind back to what you’re here to do today.

Feel free to share a video of yourself shaking it off – it could be the next big viral hit – haha!

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