So you have a meeting coming up and you need an opening or closing keynote speaker. If you’re like most folks we work with, you are bombarded with speaker ideas. Your planning team is providing names and suggestions, you’ve searched the web and now you have to decide. You don’t want some “canned” speech or program full of fluffy ideas. You want results.

Sure you want folks to give great feedback about the presenter – that’s a given. More importantly, you want your members to be transformed by the message they have heard. You want to find someone who listens and responds to meet YOUR objectives…someone who provides a positive Return-on-Investment (ROI) for your members and seeks to understand your goals.

Working with Vicki Hess, Certified Speaking Professional, is easy. She does her research and understands your members’ concerns and challenges so that:

  • You host a successful meeting.
  • Your members want to return in years to come.
  • Visitors at the meeting decide to become members.
  • Your members are awakened to new ideas and strategies for engagement, every step of the way.
  • Your members’ organizations improve and grow.

Vicki’s process includes the following:

  • Comprehensive pre-program needs assessment to customize the program for your members.
  • Keynote programs with high impact, easy to implement ideas.
  • Breakout sessions to go deeper into key concepts and explore new ones so members are engaged no matter what’s going on.
  • Follow up emails to reinforce key concepts and keep the message front and center after your event.
  • Educational materials (reminder cards, handouts, books, etc.) as a resource for members.
  • Executive Board debrief to share key findings from the assessment and key observations for moving forward.

The best way to achieve outstanding results for your association is to start a conversation with Vicki.

To schedule a complimentary call to talk about your association’s next meeting, please use the Online Assistant or click here.