If we assume that Gallup’s Employee Engagement Index, which says that 71% of U.S. employees are disengaged or actively disengaged, is correct, then the question facing us becomes “who is doing the work in our organizations and how much more could be accomplished if engagement improved?”

Our employees are stalled, disconnected, frustrated by constant change, and just plain worn out! Recent studies indicate that 25 to 31 percent of our employees are actively looking elsewhere for their next job. What are you doing to retain this talent?

Can you afford to sit and wait?

Improving levels of employee engagement, and therefore discretionary effort, will:

  • Save your organization money
  • Boost client and employee satisfaction
  • Increase sales and profitability
  • Improve quality and safety
  • Get people to think differently
  • Strengthen systems and processes
  • Reinforce external marketing
  • Increase teamwork

Vicki Hess works with organizations to determine the level of engagement and mitigate root causes of disengagement. She can identify what’s working while eliminating what’s off target. Vicki will customize a plan for your specific culture and place on the engagement journey!

Vicki began her career at Xerox Corporation, where she sold to small businesses and named corporate accounts. For 10 years, her focus on sales never deviated though she also enjoyed her role as a sales trainer.

As an entrepreneur, Vicki views the business world from a leader’s position: Understanding the challenges that executives face in meeting day-to-day challenges of profitability, business growth, sustainability and service excellence.

You will reap the benefits of Vicki’s knowledge, enthusiasm and thoroughness by engaging her every step of the way! Her thoughtful process includes the following:

  • Comprehensive needs assessment to customize the deliverables for your organization/team
  • Keynote programs at meetings with high impact, easy to implement ideas
  • Workshops & retreats to go deeper into key concepts and explore new ones so leaders and staff are engaged no matter what’s going on
  • Follow-up resources to reinforce key concepts and keep the message front and center
  • Educational materials (reminder cards, handouts, books, etc.) as a resource for employees
  • Executive Leadership Debrief – Vicki shares data from the Needs Assessment phase and key observations from her time spent with employees including ideas and recommendations for moving forward

Start a conversation with Vicki today! It’s the best way to achieve outstanding results for your organization.

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