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The combination of life-and-death decision making, and the effect one person can have on another’s quality of life creates unique employee engagement issues for leaders. Employees are faced with:

Sicker patients
Increasing regulations
Higher patient expectations
Constantly emerging technology and
Unprecedented demands on their time!

It’s a fact! Improving levels of employee engagement, and therefore discretionary effort, will positively affect your organization through:

Improved patient/family satisfaction & HCAHPS scores
Improved safety & quality
Improved creativity
Decreased lawsuits
Decreased employee relations issues
Decreased workplace accidents

How can patient care providers – along with the leaders and employees who support them – stay engaged and energized day-in and day-out?

Vicki Hess works with healthcare organizations and associations nationwide to mitigate the root causes of disengagement. While constantly monitoring industry trends, Vicki zeros in on what’s working and customizes solutions to complement your culture and your place on the engagement journey.

Vicki began her work in nursing as a second career in the early 90s. Having received a BSN from the University of Florida in 1981, she pursued a business career right out of college. Her decision to re-enter the field of nursing was lifestyle-based, but Vicki fell in with love her profession all over again.

Following time spent working as a staff nurse, and during the time she was studying for her Masters in Human Resource Development at Towson University, Vicki joined the Staff Development department at Sinai Hospital, an urban teaching hospital in Baltimore, MD. Vicki completed her degree and the hospital partnered with other local organizations to form a major health system, LifeBridge Health. Vicki was responsible for the non-clinical training and development of 6000 employees system-wide.

In 2001, Vicki parlayed her healthcare experience into a successful consulting business. She spends most of her time with healthcare organizations.

Using a consultative approach, Vicki
◦    Evaluates engagement issues and challenges
◦    Reviews engagement data
◦    Provides recommendations to address opportunities for improvement

Vicki’s customized, evidence-based programs and solutions are unique and specific for each client.

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