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Nina Guercio, Training & Development,
New York-Presbyterian

Peter Constantinou, President and CEO,
Association Matters, Inc

Gareth Pearce, Managing Director,
Hanson Wade

Becky Zuccarelli, Chief Patient Experience Officer,
Tampa General Hospital

Donna Banks, Vice President Operations, Atrium Health


Dorrie Rambo, CFO, Elder Outreach

Edwin Loftin, Chief Nursing Office, Parrish Medical Center, Program Chair, VHA SE

Felicia Bloom, American Hospital Association

Kalena Jones, Organizational Development Specialist

Kathy Whitman, Emergency Department Manager

Shannon Trader, Clinical Nurse Manager

Julie Nickel, Staff Member

Shawna Shaffer, Staff Member

Jennifer Waren, Chief Financial Officer

Natalie Edwards, Employee Engagement

Healthcare Conference Participants

Healthcare Conference Participant

Ashley Kitchen

We’ve gotten nothing but really, really positive feedback about Vicki Hess’s leadership workshop about employee engagement. The team leaders and unit council chairs who attended found the information very beneficial. Every one filled out an Action Plan that we are using internally to promote accountability and follow through. I know from using Vicki’s tools in the past that her ideas work. The engagement on my team increased and that’s why we invited her to work with our formal and informal leaders. The session was a success and now we are starting the Engagement Excelerator Virtual Coaching Program to keep the momentum going for the next 12 months.

Christie Gray, MS, CNS, RN, NEA-BC
Vice President of Operations and Chief Nursing Officer


Vicki presented at our Pathways to Leadership conference and close to 500 current and emerging leaders participated in one of two full-day sessions. The collaboration between Vicki and our team prior to the event allowed her to create and present a tailor made learning experience for our leaders. She aligned her presentation to support areas of focus we were working on related to employee engagement. The tools and resources she provided fit perfectly with our efforts. Aside from a great presentation, Vicki worked with our Linkage committee to ensure the follow up “Action Plan” cards she handed out to the participants were used to keep her message alive in the future. Pre-event planning and post-event follow up allows her to rise to the top of the many speakers we have invited to our organization.

Phillip Waldmann
VP Supply Service & Leadership Training COO



Vicki Hess presented a full day program on employee engagement at our state-wide Leadership Conference. Almost 400 healthcare leaders and students attended and the feedback has been great. The participants found the program very engaging and the ideas were helpful, meaningful and useful. The ideas were easy to understand and easy to follow through on. One CNO reported that her leaders were able to look at engagement differently and how helpful that was. Vicki’s team was very easy to work with. The leaders who attended appreciated receiving a customized copy of Vicki’s book to take the ideas back home. We hope to invite Vicki back to speak at future conferences.

Mary Ann Allen, MSN, RN-BC
Coordinator, Center for Health Professions Life Long Learning
College of Nursing and Health Professions


Vicki Hess recently presented a workshop for our about 80 employees in managerial and leadership positions. Prior to the engagement she took the time to understand our organization and designed the program to meet our needs. Working with her team was a seamless experience and every detail was addressed before the workshop. The day of the program went off without a hitch and program participants provided excellent feedback about the content and it’s applicability to our environment. Vicki really knows employee engagement. She made the business case for employee engagement and provided practical tools to help our leaders make the changes they need.

Dan Durgin
AVP, Human Resources


We invited Vicki Hess to present her “Professional Paradise” program to our nursing leaders at our holiday gathering. It was a great day! The leaders who participated felt it was uplifting and they really appreciated it. The whole process of working together went well. Vicki was flexible and worked with us to meet our needs. We highly recommend Vicki’s work.

Samantha Sarris
Manager, Nursing Administration


We invited Vicki to speak at the end of our 3 day conference with all the HRDs. We strategically had her at the end so that our Directors could leave feeling invigorated and could bring her ideas back to the hospitals for immediate use.

Comments we received from our participant survey were:

“She was a great speaker with excellent ideas. It is possible to incorporate some of these ideas into some of our employee engagement action plans.”

“Outstanding presentation.”
“Great program.”
“Vicki was a great speaker and she has simple solutions.”

As a leader, I was pleased to see her reinforce some of the learning moments the Directors had in the previous sessions and weave it through her presentation, including fun photos from the prior night Team Building Event. Vicki is a wonderful professional and I look forward to hearing more from her.

Carolyn Schneider
VP, Human Resources

Vicki Hess worked with our physician practice administrative and provider leaders at a recent Engagement Summit. She and her team were extremely organized and thorough in getting to know us. We can now better coach other vendors on preparation for working with us. Vicki delivered a dynamic presentation that was high energy and engaged our leaders. We appreciated having the ability to customize the copies of her book which we provided for everyone. Having our logo on the cover and the special Foreword on the inside make it more relevant. The best news is that the conversations about associate engagement have continued after the conference and her books can be seen on desks throughout the office. We are talking with Vicki about additional support she can offer and we look forward to working with her again in the future.

Dianne Wassall
Manager, Talent Development

We had our bi-annual leadership event at TGH yesterday and we had a fabulous speaker. Vicki Hess has written several books about Employee Engagement (6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement was one). My favorite part of her presentation was that she started out by saying “Your employees do NOT CARE about employee engagement” and ended by having folks really work through and challenge some of their negative beliefs that keep us from getting better. She was fun, engaging, and high energy (she was on stage right after lunch!). She would be a great speaker for physicians, as well.

Kari Saddler
Organizational Development
Tampa General Logo

We invited Vicki Hess to present at two of our regional Leadership Development Institutes. She was a great opening speaker, setting the right tone for the meeting. She really connected with our audience and got them thinking about employee engagement in a different way. The leaders who attended referred back to Vicki’s ideas as the meeting progressed so we knew the concepts were well received. The feedback after the session was very positive and I’m actively recommending Vicki as an external resource to my peers. She helped our leaders connect the dots so vital in creating an engaged workforce and culture, and for that we are happy with our time spent working together.

Katrina Greene
Director, Leadership & Organizational Development
HCA MidAmerica Division


We engaged Vicki Hess to work with our leaders and staff to boost employee engagement. We were very pleased with her work. She is down to earth and relatable to all. Her tools were helpful and her stories were a wonderful way to reinforce the main points. She is a true professional. Following the sessions, the buzz has been fantastic. People are still talking about what they learned and how to implement it. We are planning to hold a study group using the concepts from her book about engagement. We found working with Vicki to be a great value for our money and highly recommend her services. 

Dustin Ho-Gland, Manager

Nursing Professional Practice and Development


My employee engagement scores came for 2016 yesterday and my department went from 73% last year to 91% this year.  Thank you for all the free resources that you have on your website that I was able to use. That really helped me organize the employee engagement strategies.

Missam Merchant
BSN RN RN-BC, (M/S, CV, Gerontology), NE-BC
Metropolitan Methodist Hospital logo

We brought Vicki Hess in to be the keynote of day 2 of our national ACDIS conference in order to get our attendees’ energy levels back up and boy did she ever deliver. Vicki had the crowd moving, laughing, and talking to each other and left them with actionable strategies to turn the difficult “pows” of their daily struggles as clinical documentation specialists into “wows.” She certainly “wowed” the crowd and left them wanting more. Highly recommended!

Brian Murphy
Director, Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists
ACDIS logo

Vicki Hess was a keynote speaker at the Beacon Health System – Leadership Connection Day in May which included 360 leaders across the Health System.  Vicki’s remarks were inspiring, entertaining, and directly aligned with our strategic objectives for Associate Engagement and retention of associates.  Her book “6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement” is also a wonderful resource our leaders can utilize to engage the associates at the highest level and create an environment of trust.  Our session has generated a lot of new energy with the engagement tools, as well as the Engagement Momentum Report.  Thank you to Vicki and her team for the smooth planning in advance of Leadership Connection Day and we are very grateful for the impact she has made at Beacon Health System.  I would recommend Vicki as speaker for healthcare leaders.

Steve Eller
Chief Human Resource Officer
Beacon Health System South Bend IN

Based upon the recommendation from another speaker, we invited Vicki Hess to present at our leadership meeting. The event was coming up soon and from the minute we made our decision, Vicki and her team turned around on a dime to make sure we got exactly what we needed for our audience. Vicki was very flexible and scored an overall rating of 3.22 on a scale of 4 – which is great for our group. She was the highlight of the meeting. We currently have a strong focus on employee engagement and are doing well in our efforts. Vicki’s command of engagement strategies gave our managers the tools to go to the next level.

Patrice L. Micheals, FMP, CHT
Director of Training and Development
Eatn Park

Vicki Hess spoke at our Nashville HR Workshop and we were blown away by how well our attendee’s perceived her presentation. Vicki received all “very satisfied” reviews which we haven’t experienced at a Workshop in a long time. Because of this we knew we had to sign a multiple Workshop deal with Vicki where she agreed to come to several other events throughout the country for US.

Jody Piper
Event Logistics Coordinator
Ultimate Software


Vicki Hess spoke at the Adventist HealthCare Leadership Conference on Monday, May 2 in Bethesda, Maryland to a group of 350 attendees.  Vicki’s presentation on employee engagement was crisp, humorous, engaging and informative.  She held the group’s attention for two full hours and received a rousing standing ovation at the end!  She connected with an audience that was very diverse that represented a variety of jobs in a large health care organization.    We highly  recommend Vicki.  You won’t be disappointed!

Marta Brito Perez
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Adventist HealthCare

We are an industry and a company that focuses heavily on Engagement, we reflect that in strong engagement scores well above global averages and in how we walk & talk. With all this in mind, Vicki Hess’ message was able to bring new insight to Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races. Vicki’s presentation held the attention of our leadership team with humor, music, and table discussions. This is an audience that is usually on its feet all day, so to grab their attention and make the impact she did is amazing! She was able to challenge each of the participants to think of Engagement in a refreshing approach and to take it back to their teams.

Vicki and her staff took several steps prior to the scheduled event by collecting information about challenges our team may be facing in regards to engagement as well as conducting several phone interviews with team members before speaking. This research about who we are and how passionately and seriously we take Engagement allowed Vicki to speak with us at our level, not ‘at us.’ Her friendly staff was also in contact with our HR team on a regular basis to ensure Vicki and our property was ready for her arrival!

The information is already being talked about within the departments and put into practice. Team members are hearing and talking about Professional Paradise verses Professional Prison, because engagement is more than a word, but a way of life here at Hollywood.

Thank you Vicki, Marcia, and the whole staff!

Vicky Fields
Manager of Staff Development
Hollywood Casino

I participated in a leadership workshop that Vicki Hess gave and our executive leadership team decided to bring her in to present three workshops for our leadership team. She worked with us closely during the planning process to better understand our specific challenges and customized her program as a result. The feedback from the leaders who participated was very positive. They said she was a breath of fresh air that was needed AND she provided relatable tools, lots of energy and a different perspective. We are now using follow up recommendations from Vicki to keep the momentum going to keep improving our workplace culture.

Janice R. Powell
Chief Human Resource Director
Duke Patient Revenue Management Organization

Vicki Hess gave an excellent presentation on “Engaging Employees in Uncertain Times” at the Missouri Hospital Association Annual Conference on Nov. 4 during a joint education program of the Missouri Organization of Nurse Leaders, Missouri Association for Healthcare Quality, Missouri Association for Healthcare Education and the Heart of America Chapter for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy. Vicki was awesome to work with from start to finish. She went out of her way to meet our needs which included making challenging travel arrangements to a resort that was 150 miles away from the nearest major airport and yet managed to keep travel expenses to the bare minimum. Vicki did a great job tailoring her presentation to meet the needs and engage the members of four very different organizations. 

Sharon Burnett
Executive Director


Thank you very much for the amazing presentation, you were beyond fantastic! We had many speakers in the past but the NPC members have rated you as the very best. Your willingness to spend time tailoring the presentation on what our committee needed and calling the NPC Chairs prior to the conference was most appreciated.

In recollection of what you stated at our retreat, “engagement is being there to support one another when life throws someone curve ball or worse yet, when there’s a tragedy” and from this, in one day, you propelled our group the quest to instill the notions which you expound- a culture of caring, compassion, integrity , transparency and honesty.

Ritchel Articulo, BSN, RN
Chair, Nurse Practice Council
Tampa General Logo


WOW! Vicki Hess did a great job at our Nursing Symposium. It was better than we anticipated and people who attended were extremely complimentary of the content. I’ve even heard about one person who had a big POW and flipped it to a WOW. In the past they would have commiserated for hours, this time it was a much better result. This Symposium was our best one yet!

Pat Saunders, MS, RN, CNO
Hanover Hospital



Just a short note to share that I thoroughly enjoyed your entire presentation at the Asbury Leadership Development conference this week.  Your presentation was relevant, interesting and dynamic.  I have put three of your 12 suggestions to grow team WOW’s in play so far today!!  Thank you for providing me with tools for WOW!!  I am also grateful for the tips on breaking up the “Chain Gang”.  POW!!…I intend on using all of them and improving the relationships with the associates that I encounter daily.

Jamie L Yockin
Director of Admissions
MapleWood Assisted Living
The Oaks Skilled Nursing


We were very pleased with the half-day program focused on employee engagement that Vicki Hess conducted for our nursing leadership group. The leadership team really appreciated her very useful information and some have already implemented the ideas in their units. Our nursing leaders feel re-energized by the engagement tools and strategies. We are already talking about bringing Vicki back next year to work with other nursing personnel.

Sue Penque, CNO
Senior Vice President


We invited Vicki Hess to present a session about employee engagement at our IONL Annual Conference and it went really well. Before the meeting, Vicki and Marcia touched base frequently, which made preparation for the event a streamlined process. We appreciated that she conducted phone interviews with our board members to learn more about our particular issues and needs here in Illinois. The evaluations of Vicki’s presentation returned with very favorable marks. Vicki understands what nursing leaders need when it comes to employee engagement. She is a great choice for working with all healthcare leaders. Because our members enjoyed her program so much, we are talking to her about presenting again in the future at another one of our conferences.

Sharon V. Rangel MSN, MBA, RN
Executive Director
Illinois ONL



The feedback from Vicki’s half-day program on employee engagement has been great. Our leaders were happy that Vicki shared tools and ideas for them to incorporate into their everyday routines to improve engagement. Her ideas can be added to the strategies that are already in place so there is no conflicting information. With so much to do, and never enough time, this is just what our leadership group needed. There were two options for follow-up which will also help keep the concepts front of mind for the first month following the training. We are already talking about bringing Vicki back to work with other leaders.

Deborah G. Page, SPHR
Chief Human Resources Officer


Our clinical leadership group really loved Vicki Hess’ full day employee engagement retreat. It was fun, uplifting and engaging. I appreciated that it was not just a one day retreat. Vicki did a lot of work before the training session to get to know our organization and there are two methods of follow up that are really making an impression. I’m already seeing leaders referring to POWs and WOWs in their emails and talking about the shortcuts to engagement on their action plans. We hope to bring Vicki back to work with our other leaders so that everyone has the tactical and behavioral tools to advance engagement.

Libby Flippo, MSN, NE-BC
Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
Martin Health System


Wow is right! We were delighted to hear your entertaining and engaging presentation at our annual Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference. This conference is mostly about technology advancements in Medicaid and health and human service systems, perhaps not a typical audience to you; but you managed, though your excellent and thorough preparation, to understand and respond to the challenges the workforce is confronting in this changing and complex world. And then you gave attendees ways to stay motivated and energized! POW!  I would highly recommend you to colleagues and leaders who want to motivate and support their workforce especially through any change process. Thank you again!

Brenda Harvey
Executive Director


We invited Vicki Hess to present an Employee Engagement program at one of our Leadership Meetings. Everything went really well. The feedback was excellent. People are still talking about POWs and WOWs and we created a Cascade Kit using some of the information from the program. Before Vicki came to present, she sent out a survey to all our leaders, conducted several phone interviews and reviewed our engagement data and tools. On the day of the program, Vicki took the time to meet with our Executive Team to share her insights from her needs assessment process. Here are a couple of the comments from our evaluation: “High energy presentation and came away with tools & skills to implement right away. Great presentation!” “Most interesting speaker we have had in a long time….I liked how she talked to us before meeting started.

Debbie Williams
HR Director
Sarah Bush Lincoln logo

Vicki Hess presented a full-day workshop for our Patient Care Leadership Council (about 100 leaders). Her office was extremely organized and made the planning easy. We were very impressed that she came a day early, toured the hospital and included pictures she had taken on our nursing units in her program. This was huge! We’ve received great feedback from the people who attended. At our recent meeting, one manager shared things she has already done on her unit as a result of the program. Vicki is sending us follow up emails and created a Momentum Report with ideas for keeping the ideas fresh and effective. Our hospital has already asked her to come back to present another full-day workshop. Her ideas were different from other programs we’ve heard and they were very realistic and relatable.

Mary Garand
Hospital Based Rehab, Orthotics and Ortho Tech
Tampa General Logo

We hired Vicki as the keynote speaker for our Annual Leadership Conference to address employee engagement. Vicki spent time ahead of the meeting, touring one of our facilities, interviewing leadership, surveying our field staff, and really understanding our culture, and our challenges with employee engagement. We could not have asked for a more engaging, and applicable topic or speaker than Vicki. She was able to incorporate our culture terminology into her presentation, but more importantly spoke about our business as though she had worked for us. She took her time with us very personally and it showed in her connection with the audience. Her presentation ranked at 98.6% meet and exceed expectations from our staff. Her message had an impact to the extent our staff took back her information and immediately started trying to implement them. I started seeing WOW boxes, and hearing people talk about POWs and WOWs. She is truly an amazing speaker, but able to connect with the audience at such a level, people get excited to try her suggestions. We are continuing our work with Vicki Hess to improve our employee engagement. I highly recommend her to any organization who wants to make an immediate and positive impact on their employees.

Dava A. Ashley
Chief Operating Officer
Covenant Care logo

Our Spring Leadership Retreat is a chance for our leaders to have a day away from their usual work to have fun and learn. Vicki Hess delivered on both of those areas. She kept the attention of the group for a full day using interactive exercises. She created a high energy environment so that the people who attended are able to remember what we discussed. We ordered customized copies of Vicki’s book, 6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement for each of the leaders and this helped to create ownership of the material. Vicki took the time to get to know Atrium before she arrived and provided follow up afterwards. Our leaders can be heard talking about the key concepts in meetings and hallway conversations. We are talking to Vicki about coming back again to work with other leaders and staff.

Marquita Turner
Vice President Patient Care Services/CNO
Atrium Medical Premier Health Logo

Vicki was our keynote speaker at our annual conference this Spring. We liked how she and Marcia kept us on track during the planning process. Her office did a great job keeping us informed and as volunteer leaders, it made the whole process much easier. On the day of the keynote Vicki was great. Her talk was very energizing and we loved the fact that she has a healthcare background. All the examples were right on target. She even did a survey and talked to a few people beforehand to make sure she knew our challenges and concern. We plan to put her in our “cycle” to bring in to speak again in the future. We highly recommend her for your conference or retreat.

Caroline Steele
CNM Chair Elect for 2015
CNM DPG Symposium – Clinical Nutrition Management
Eat Right Logo NEW

I’d like to say how much I enjoyed the TV broadcast “Engaging Employees in Uncertain Times”.  I had a room of 20 directors in attendance and all felt your presentation was enlightening and important to today’s work environment.  All felt their time was well spent.

Sharon Gern
Chief Nursing Officer

Vicki Hess conducted a half day workshop for our directors of nursing (DON) and the feedback was very positive. She shared the shortcuts to employee engagement from her book and made the learning environment enjoyable and productive (everyone had a copy of the book to use for reference). Our DONs returned to work with tools to use right away to positively impact employee engagement. She also sent out reminder emails to reinforce the learning and this was helpful. She provided a report with suggestions for us to use moving forward based on the interviews she conducted before the training. This is the second time we have invited Vicki to work with our staff and we highly recommend her services.

Jason L. Bankston, BA, NFA, LPN
Clinical Systems Manager

Vicki Hess was a great asset to our Leadership Conference. We elected her as our after lunch speaker and she had the group actively involved and participating. Her topic area, employee engagement, was very relevant to the business leaders who attended. She received excellent scores and comments on the evaluations. We loved the way she and Marcia kept in contact with us during the planning phase to stay on top of things. This is our second time working with Vicki and we highly recommend her services.

Pat Hubbard, Director
Customized Training and Workforce Development

Blue Ridge Logo

We’ve been doing the 28-Day Professional Paradise Challenge at our HR Central Leadership meetings. Every week, we take 15-20 minutes to think and talk about courage, connection, mindset, presence, respect or renewal. It’s our time to take a break from our to do lists and our business agenda items and focus on ourselves. We learn about each other in the process and it helps us to be a better team.  The JH HR Team is still talking about your keynote at the 2014 JH HR Conference. I’ll often hear folks talking about turning POWs to WOWs. That concept really resonated with the team. And every once in a while, I see dancing at work.

Pamela Paulk
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

We invited Vicki Hess to present a full day workshop for our nursing leaders and were totally pleased with the results. Vicki did extensive work before she came, including reviewing our internal data, conducting phone interviews, sending out a survey, coming in early to meet with a core group of nursing executives, and going on a hospital tour.   As a result, the content was tailored to our audience, our challenges and our culture.   The feedback from the nurse leaders has been great with several of them sharing that “this was the best presentation we’ve ever had.”  We are using the follow up tools and expect to see positive results moving forward.  We will look for ways to utilize Vicki’s services again in the future.


Deborah Wesley, MSN, RN
Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

The Ohio Organization of Nurse Executives (OONE) asked Vicki to present a workshop at our Fall Conference and the feedback was fantastic! Vicki and her team are very well organized.  She got our insights and desired outcomes in advance.  Prior to the conference, our members completed a survey for Vicki, so she could gain insight into what we as nurse leaders are facing, which hasn’t been done in the past.  The session was excellent! I had many people pull me aside in the halls to comment on what a great speaker she is.  We’ve started getting the follow up emails from her tool box already and they are helpful as well.  We will definitely reach out to her to present again to in the future.

Kathy Fisher, RN, BSN
Ohio Organization of Nurse Executives (OONE) Planning Committee Member, Van Wert Hospital

Vicki Hess & her team were the most on-top-of-it team that I’ve worked with in a long time. From beginning to end, the experience was seamless. When Vicki presented the Professional Paradise keynote at our users conference, it was rated as “the best session” by many. Audience members loved how Vicki combined humor with real-life take-away tools and was very engaging with the audience. 93% of participants who used our mobile app for feedback rated her presentation as “Awesome” with the other 7% rating her as “Good.” We look forward to working with Vicki again in the future and highly recommend her as a presenter.

Andrea Chadis Marketing Specialist
Events and Client Programs

Vicki Hess delivered a full day workshop on employee engagement at the IONE 2014 Fall Conference. Our members loved her high energy and the many take home tools she shared. When we asked our 200+ participants to rate Vicki’s knowledge, clarity & delivery, 100% of responses were “excellent” or “very good.”  Here are a few of the comments from the evaluations in response to the question “What were the most effective portions of the program?” “Presentation was very relevant information, tools we can put to work;” “Relationship of what she talked about to reality;””Fun approach to serious issues, feel like you took something away that you could use.” Our chapter highly recommends Vicki as a resource for working with healthcare leaders who want to improve employee engagement.

Jeffrey Lawrence- Program Chair Indiana Organization of Nurse Executives, Director of Surgical Services, Women & Children Services, Floyd Memorial Hospital

Vicki Hess was a great choice for our Med Surg Directors dinner keynote. She took the time to contact our Advisory Board members before the talk to customize it for our audience and that came through in her presentation. It went great! Vicki focused specifically on our directors and they left with tangible ideas for being more engaged themselves. We were also pleased with the customized copies of Vicki’s book, SHIFT to Professional Paradise. Having our logo on the cover and the “Foreword” by our System Chief Nursing Officer made the book even more meaningful to the directors. We look forward to working with Vicki again.

Sammie S Mosier RN, BSN, MA, NE-BC, CMSRN, BC; AVP,  Nursing Practice Clinical Services Group

Inviting Vicki Hess to present a full day workshop on employee engagement at our GONL Leadership Development Retreat & Annual Conference was money well spent. The feedback during and after the program was very positive. We purchased a copy of Vicki’s book, 6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement for all of the audience members. Vicki did an excellent job using the book as a “handout” during her talk and there was great feedback about having action items and things to do the day they arrived back on the job. She provided real-world ideas that are relevant to all levels of nurse leaders. We highly recommend her as a speaker for healthcare leaders on this important topic.

Bonnie Franco MSN RN MPA, President GONL 2014-2015

Vicki Hess presented at the Northeast New York Organization of Nurse Executives and Leaders (NE NYONEL) conference and everyone was very happy with the information she shared about employee engagement. The information was clearly presented and Vicki kept our audience engaged, even though our meeting was over dinner after a day of work. She got us thinking about engagement in a different way and provided tools for us to use upon return to work. The feedback has all been very good. We highly recommend Vicki as a presenter for other leadership groups.

Cathy DeChance, President, NE NYONEL, Director of Nursing Operations, Columbia Memorial Hospital

We invited Vicki Hess to present at our 2014 Sentara Nursing Leadership Academy Summit with 400+ nursing leaders. We were very impressed with the amount of work Vicki did to get to know our organization before the conference. She was very thorough and even arrived early the day before to tour one of our hospitals. Because of this, she did an excellent job customizing her ideas and concepts specifically for our audience. She even made changes during a break right before her presentation to reflect comments from me and our system COO. The session was invigorating, engaging and energizing. More importantly, it was full of relatable take away tools that some of our nurse leaders reported using “on their way home and the next day at work,” such as having more celebrations, more effective moments, and turning those POWs into WOWs. We will be implementing many of Vicki’s ideas across our system. 84% of attendees rated Vicki’s talk as “very effective” and we are very happy with this rating. We look forward to the email follow-up to keep the ideas fresh and top of mind. Vicki lived up to her tagline of Engagement, Every Step of the Way and we would definitely invite her back in the future.

Robin K. Brown RN, BSN, MHA, Director

There is plenty of buzz on the unit and not only the unit but the hospital at large!! When I say unbelievable…. like totally WOW (with the gesture)!! Words cannot express my gratitude to you for the gift of empowerment you have given my team.  The energy is palpable! The response to the meeting was just the encouragement I needed to begin “Phase II”.

Kim Gardner, RN, BSN, CCRN, Clinical Nurse Manager-Unit 34

Vicki Hess presented both a keynote and a breakout session at our New York Organization for Nurse Executives and Leaders (NYONEL) annual conference. It was a very positive experience from planning through execution and we couldn’t have been more pleased. Response from participants was that her program was very energizing and yielded a high percentage of “Excellent” evaluations. Her focus on employee engagement was right on target.

Margaret Sorensen MS FNP CENP, Program Chair, President -Elect NYONEL, Chief Nursing Officer, Albany Memorial Hospital

We engaged Vicki Hess to present at our Nursing Leadership Retreat and it was definitely an excellent investment. Vicki asked our leaders to complete a short survey before her program and because of this information she was able to customize the information. The data was also very helpful to us to see. On the day of the workshop, Vicki was terrific. The nursing leaders were transformed by the information she shared regarding employee engagement. Using her shortcut approach, Vicki took what can be an overwhelming topic and provided real-world, evidence-based tools for our leaders to use the minute they returned to work. We highly recommend Vicki’s services, if you are interested in creating long-term change around employee engagement in your organization.

Margaret Murphy, DNP, RN, NE-BC, Chief Nursing Office, Associate Executive Director

Vicki is very invested in her speaking engagements!! Not only did she want to know what our organization wanted to hear her speak about, she went the extra mile for us! She sent out a pre-conference survey to our members to see specifically what we wanted to hear. During our conversation for planning she inquired about the other speaker for our event to make sure things tied together nicely! Excellent customer service!

Not only is she great at customer service…she is a very energetic and dynamic speaker! She keeps the group engaged in the conference and makes it interactive. Between her “6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement” and her “SHIFT to Professional Paradise” topics, I left the conference with a wealth of information and tools to utilize back at work!

Thank you so much Vicki and Marcia for seeking me out! Kansas Organization of Nursing Leaders truly enjoyed working with you!

Lisa Bullock, Program Committee Chair, KONL

Vicki Hess was recently the keynote speaker at our Employee Recognition Banquet, and all I can say is, “Wow!” Because she spent the time upfront to get to know us and our culture, her presentation was right on point and very well received by our leaders and employees. Vicki’s presentation was both high-energy and inspiring, and everyone left motivated to put her tips into action! We were so pleased with Vicki’s presentation that we recommend her work to others and would certainly consider investing in her services again.

Dorrie Rambo, CFO

Vicki Hess spent 3 hours with our administrative leadership team facilitating a discussion about leadership, engagement and support – which was exactly what we asked for. We were impressed with the way she not only asked the right questions in getting to know us, but took the answers to heart to give us a completely tailored program. The feedback has been very positive and only complaint was that our group would have liked more time with her. Vicki continues to impact the team with follow up emails, recapping valuable points from the talk, as reinforcement and encouragement to continue implementing what they learned.

Matt Micciche, Head of School

With the craziness of planning and implementing Nurses Week Activities, it was a pleasure to have such a smooth and easy experience in hosting Vicki Hess as our keynote speaker. Vicki highly customizes everything with the information we provided on her preparatory questionnaire and on the pre-conference call. This assured us (and her) that she was right on target with her presentations to hundreds of nurses and other employees in the three repeat sessions she provided. The feedback has been exceptional.

Darla Meredith, MSN, RN

Vicki Hess’s presentation for the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s 2013 Virtual Conference was a “WOW” for participants! Her motivating and energizing message was an excellent capstone for this conference, teaching participants how to transform their negative work experiences. The stories and examples she included in her presentation captivated the audience and kept them engaged in the message and her “easy to remember” strategies will stay with the audience a long time. We would recommend Vicki to anyone seeking an enthusiastic and dynamic speaker who weaves storytelling, humor and motivation into her presentation.

Barbara L Bouton, MA, FT

Just before our annual staff retreat, we chose to have Vicki Hess work with our team of salon employees on improving Guest satisfaction, morale and overall employee accountability. Vicki got up to speed quickly to make the whole experience working together a resounding success. Since the day of the workshop, I have seen a positive difference in the team member’s ability to problem solve, treat Guests with excellence and I’ve noticed a more positive environment overall. My Guests have noticed as well! I’ve also received great feedback about how different the salon feels. I highly recommend Vicki for her ability to get to know your organization, customize a program, deliver outstanding information in an engaging format and provide helpful follow up.

Diane Cole Stevens, CEO & Creative Director

I had the honor of working with Vicki Hess at the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2013 annual Leadership Conference at the National Gaylord in November. Vicki did an excellent job as our closing general session keynoter. Everything went as she had meticulously planned. Vicki was pleasing to work with and very engaging with our audience. Vicki shared a great message of what it takes to have good volunteers in organizations. Her presentation included viable information that our attendees could immediately implement upon returning to their workplaces.

Renee D. Sumby, Speaker Specialist

Vicki Hess was mobilized to facilitate our Manager’s Retreat in January.  Our company is experiencing phenomenal growth and it is essential that Senior Management take on more significant roles to keep our level of client satisfaction high.  Currently, the Partners lead the majority of the managerial efforts within the firm; our larger workforce and new, multiple office structure makes that unsustainable.  Vickie was able to help develop a process of delegation of authority to Senior Management which continues to move forward.  Vickie is helping to continue that momentum.

Frank S. Waesche III, Partner-in-Charge of the Construction Services and Utility Engineering

Consulting with us over a 6+ months, Vicki helped the nursing unit’s leadership and staff better understand expected collaborative team behaviors and strategies to succeed together! The outcome was improved HCAHPS scores, more unit participation on councils, improved hand washing stats and a more cohesive nursing team re-energized to fully focus on the care of our patients. The morale has improved, turnover has decreased and perceptions of the unit have changed for the better. We highly recommend Vicki’s expertise to help drive positive change in employee engagement and unit results.

Stephanie Reid, RN, BSN, MBA, MHA, Chief Nursing Officer, Vice President

Ms. Vicki Hess is a superb speaker and an incredibly engaging educator. We have a lot to learn form her. Her interactive activities really assist us in learning the principles of managing workplace conflicts…She was able to apply principles to pharmacy practice. I appreciated the specific analogies/examples…The speaker was a highly effective communicator and I loved how she held everyone interest.

Participants at ASHP National Pharmacy Preceptors Conference

We recently hosted our first ever Financial Advisor Summit which included a three-part, holistic approach: For Yourself, For Your Business and For Your Community. Having worked with Vicki previously, I knew she would be a perfect fit in the For Yourself track. She took the time to interview a few of our task force members and made sure she understood our audience. Her talk, “Caring for Yourself & Others” provided real world tools for managing work/life balance and was very well received. The second workshop, “High Impact Communication” was also a big hit with attendees. Our inaugural Summit received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our attendees in large part due to great speakers like Vicki Hess. We highly recommend her services.

Michelle Allgauer, CAE, CMM, CMP , Vice President of Member Engagement

We contracted with Vicki Hess to present training to our cancer center team just weeks before our grand opening. We appreciated Vicki’s thoughtful and comprehensive process of working together which included several pre planning meetings and calls with myself, other leaders and our hospital president, a pre training survey of participants and extensive follow up after the sessions. Vicki listened and did an excellent job connecting our core message to the key points in the training. She also took the time to talk with another speaker and watch her video to effectively incorporate those ideas into her sessions. This provided excellent continuity and consistency. The feedback from the training is very positive and we have seen examples of team members using the language from the session already with positive outcomes. Vicki also conducted a workshop with our leadership group and shared easy to implement, high impact ideas for engaging employes during this major change. Hiring Vicki was money well spent and we would definitely consider utilizing her services in the future.

Robin Luxon RN BSN MBA FACHE, Vice President, Clinical Service Lines

I must take a moment to commend you on the time, effort and resources you invested in ensuring our leadership offsite meeting was a success.  Specifically, you took the time to tour our site ahead of time to get a feel for our work environment.  I was impressed that you sent an electronic survey to all invited managers ahead of time and provided us with real time results during the session.  Your follow up a week after the presentation with recommendations and possible next steps allowed us to refresh and renew our commitment to keep the positive energy going.   
In my many years of HR experience I have not had the pleasure of working with such a professional and caring presenter as yourself.  Some organizations invest in a presenter and hope for the best.  We invested in you and found our “WOW’ moment.  On behalf of the entire leadership team, THANK YOU!

Deloris S. Tuggle, Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development/CHRO

Vicki Hess just spoke for our Kentucky Organization of Nurse Leaders in September on the topic of “Engaging Employees in Uncertain Times: Tools & Techniques to Drive Positive Change.”  Vicki fully engaged the audience from beginning to end and that was validated by the evaluations.  Participants identified many ways they would use the information to improve their practice, and provided numerous other comments about how much they enjoyed the presentation.  The icing on the cake was that we hadn’t told our members that they would each be getting Vicki’s book SHIFT to Professional Paradise as a gift from us.  Not only was this a terrific value to them, but also a way to instill lasting change.  We intend to have Vicki return to share other powerful messages with our nurse leaders.

Donna R. Meador, RN, MSN, CENP, Program Committee Chair and Past President

Vicki was an excellent speaker for our conference!  She was very dynamic – with great suggestions for how to apply practical solutions to our work settings after the conference session!  I would highly recommend her for your meeting or conference!

Grace Myers, MSN, CNS, RNC-OB, NE-BC, President

As the board member in charge of education for the Mid-Atlantic Society of Healthcare Materials Management (MASHMM), I recently hired Vicki Hess to speak to our group. Vicki got to know and understand our member’s concerns in advance and delivered a high energy talk which was well adapted to our upper level management members. Our post event survey showed comments like “At any level or position these “tools” can be used…..just sharing the presentation and the SHIFT discussion with staff is easy to do in a huddle or staff meeting. It can be applied daily!” and “I have the power to change!” and many are putting the tenets to work on a daily basis. Thank you Vicki for sharing your tool box with us!

Elizabeth Franz, Education Chair, MASHMM

One division manager used the 28-Day Professional Paradise Diary, that we made available to the staff, as a guide to manage a massive change in their area involving major office relocation. The manager in that area said, “We dedicated a few minutes each day to work through the diary as a team and I felt it helped everyone individually and the team as a whole to handle the massive changes occurring in our department.” Her team was able to continue to provide excellent service and quality during the transition because they had a concrete set of tools to guide them.

Stephanie Diedericks, VP Strategy

Vicki did a fantastic job for us presenting her SMARTT Hiring approach at our annual leadership conference. In fact, she did such a great job that we invited her back to do a similar presentation for another sector of our business and invited her back the following year to present on another topic!  She worked with us in advance to understand our environment and unique challenges then customized her materials so that it looked as though her presentation was designed specifically for us. Her segments of the conferences get rave reviews and we continue to see evidence that the concepts she shared are being used across our communities.

Andrea Griesmar, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Vicki gave the keynote address for Customer Service Week. She was dynamic and professional. Our team members are still looking for the “WOWs.” I hope we have more opportunities work with Vicki! These are a few team member comments from our Customer Service Week evaluation:

  • The keynote speaker was FANTASTIC!! She was motivating and inspiring and actually moved me almost to tears. WONDERFUL!!
  • Vicki Hess was wonderful. I felt I could relate to her because of her nursing background. I feel encouraged and invigorated when I hear speakers like her.
  • Overall, Vicki Hess was a great inspiration and a great speaker. She was fun but direct and to the point with her messages. Positive attitude and very encouraging.

Rukiya Wongus, MHA, CMPE, Service Excellence Project Manager

Vicki – Thanks for bringing your inspiration and motivation to our House. Your remarks brought respite, reflection, hope, and humor to our Ronald McDonald House families, who are dealing with the most challenging and tragic circumstances imaginable. Our afternoon with you was a gift to everyone.

Sandy Pagnotti, Executive Director

We first brought Vicki in to present at our Clinical Services Symposium for our Senior Level Leadership back in 2011.  We were so impressed with her content and delivery that at the first opportunity to invite her back, we seized it!  That was just last week for our full day Emerging Nurse Leaders Conference.  One of the many things that I thought was extremely helpful was that Vicki sent a survey out to the over 200 invited participants and used the results to adjust her objectives to meet the needs of the group.  She worked with us on follow-up actions as well to keep the momentum going after the conference. Our emerging nurse leaders, who are bright and caring, are faced with enormous change, and productivity expectations.  Vicki skillfully shared high impact, easy to use tools and techniques for leading in the tricky healthcare environment of today.

Deborah J Martin, MBA, MSN, RN, NE-BC, FACHE, Sr. Director, Professional Practice

Almost one year later management still sees a positive transformation in how the staff looks at situations and events differently and how they are personally making adjustments to create better outcomes for themselves and their coworkers…Our patient satisfaction scores continue to increase and reflect the employee’s change in individual accountability for their attitude. You played a vital role in helping us make that shift.

Stephanie Diedericks, VP Strategy

We engaged Vicki Hess to present at our Nursing Leadership Retreat and it was definitely an excellent investment. Vicki asked our leaders to complete a short survey before her program and the because of this information she was able to customize the information. The data was also very helpful to us to see. On the day of the workshop, Vicki was terrific. The nursing leaders were transformed by the information she shared regarding employee engagement. Using her shortcut approach, Vicki took what can be an overwhelming topic and provided real-world, evidence-based tools for our leaders to use the minute they returned to work. We highly recommend Vicki’s services, if you are interested in creating long-term change around employee engagement in your organization.

Nurse Manager

We hired Vicki as the keynote speaker for our Annual Leadership Conference to address employee engagement. Vicki spent time ahead of the meeting, touring one of our facilities, interviewing leadership, surveying our field staff, and really understanding our culture, and our challenges with employee engagement. We could not have asked for a more engaging, and applicable topic or speaker than Vicki. She was able to incorporate our culture terminology into her presentation, but more importantly spoke about our business as though she had worked for us. She took her time with us very personally and it showed in her connection with the audience. Her presentation ranked at 98.6% meet and exceed expectations from our staff. Her message had an impact to the extent our staff took back her information and immediately started trying to implement them. I started seeing WOW boxes, and hearing people talk about POWs and WOWs. She is truly an amazing speaker, but able to connect with the audience at such a level, people get excited to try her suggestions. We are continuing our work with Vicki Hess to improve our employee engagement. I highly recommend her to any organization who wants to make an immediate and positive impact on their employees.

Dava A. Ashley
Chief Operating Officer
Covenant Care

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