Are your Leadership Development Institutes (LDIs) on hold?

Are staff retreats postponed until further notice?

Are you trying to figure out what Nurse’s Week will look like in May?

You’ve come to the right place. Leaders and staff are stressed and quickly burning out. What will your organization do to help them stay on track and even grow their skills in spite of all the challenges?

You might be thinking…

We don’t have time for traditional learning activities like hour-long programs or half-day retreats.

Everyone is tired and overworked and trying so hard to keep things going that adding something else won’t be helpful.

The problem is that without continued support, leaders and staff are floundering and unable to get their jobs done. They want to learn, they want to be better and do better. They want to succeed and need the tools to make that happen.

When organizations support their leaders and staff with growth and development opportunities, they see improvements in:

  • Patient outcomes
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Finances
  • Employee engagement
  • Quality
  • Safety…and so much more! 

Now is the time to invest in your leaders and staff. Can you really afford to wait?

Don’t miss these creative solutions for providing growth and development for your busy employees in short, easy to consume video segments including:

  • Proven tools and tactics that can be implemented in just a few minutes a day.
  • Video access day or night, 7 days a week.

Find just what you need when it comes to developing your leaders and staff. The work is already done!

Each on-demand series can be shared with everyone in your hospital or location*.

*Discounts are available for multi-hospital organizations.

Creative On-Demand Solutions

Postcards from Professional Paradise: Celebrating YOU – the Nursing HEROES

Last year was the year of the Nurse and the recognition & celebration continues in 2021! Resources are slim, staffing is a struggle and folks are exhausted. This isn’t the year to skip your Nurses Week festivities. Your nursing staff doesn’t need another lunch box or umbrella with the hospital logo…they need tools and tactics for empowerment and inspiration.

Nurses Week on Demand is formatted in three 10-minute recorded video segments that your dedicated patient care team can watch at their convenience. Those who view the videos are able to connect with their own Professional Paradise; decrease stress, and celebrate their contributions as nursing HEROES.


Shortcuts to Employee Engagement: Successfully Leading Your Team in Stormy & Uncertain Times

Invest in your leadership team’s ability and motivation for improving and sustaining employee engagement. Formatted, in three 20-minute recorded video segments, LDI on Demand provides proven tools and tactics for busy leaders to watch at their convenience.

Through humor, storytelling and evidence-based research, your leaders learn practical, tactical skills for engaging their team and retaining valued employees. 


SHIFT to Professional Paradise in Stormy & Uncertain Times

Now is a great time to provide proven tools for less stress, more energy and remarkable results at work. Folks are struggling to maintain their positive attitude and effort either because they’re overworked, underworked or fearful of what’s going to happen next.

Formatted in three 20-minute recorded video segments, Staff Retreat on Demand provides proven tools and tactics for stressed staff members to watch at their convenience. Through easy to remember and implement strategies, your team will have the skills to become the Chief Paradise Officer of their job, no matter what’s happening around them.


Supporting Your Leaders & Staff Couldn’t Be Easier!

Here’s how it works…

  • Choose the on-demand program you want.
  • Complete the short and simple Project Agreement.
  • Process the invoice.
  • Receive the links to the videos.
  • Share the videos with your leaders and/or staff. They can watch on-demand, at their convenience. Groups can watch the videos together or individuals can watch from the comfort of their home or office. Videos can be shared on kiosks for staff who don’t have regular computer access.

Now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of an empowered and inspired workforce.


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