It’s finally here…an easy and accessible way for leaders to learn how to improve and sustain employee engagement.

Are you frustrated by ...

  • Lower than expected employee engagement scores?
  • Disengaged employees routinely causing trouble?
  • Hearing that you need to do something about disengagement, but not knowing what or how to do it?


If you answered “Yes” to any of these, you’ll want to check out the

Engagement Excelerator video series for leaders.


Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you must be a leader who is interested in your own professional development and truly cares about the members of your team. Rest assured, you’re in the right place.

This unique, road-tested video series provides tried and true tactics for improving and sustaining employee engagement. You’ll feel more informed, inspired and effective!

“By engaging my teams through shared decision making, transparent communication and mentoring new leaders I have maintained teammate engagement results at the Tier 1 level for the past 2 years and maintained a patient experience score in the 85th percentile. Even if you have been a leader for many years you can always learn something. Vicki presents her information in a fun and positive manner that enhances your learning and keeps your interest.

Karen Marshall, Critical Care Nurse Manager, Atrium Health

Here’s what you, your team and organization get when you enroll in the Engagement Excelerator video series.


**These benefits come directly from feedback given by some of the 2500+ leaders who have participated in the Engagement Excelerator online learning program.


“…We’ve been pleased to see a nearly 12% increase in engagement scores across our entire company! Staff feel like they are heard, like their presence matters, and like they are a part of something bigger than the individual here at Highlands, and I know that the Engagement Excelerator Virtual Coaching Program has a hand in that positive change.”

Jeff Hunnicutt, CEO, Highlands Oncology Group

When it comes to improving and sustaining employee engagement, we know how it feels to have too much to do, not enough time and conflicting priorities. Here’s your solution. This video series is different because it’s…


“…The results we are seeing from the leaders who are participating exceeded our expectations…We are at our most engaged levels with higher retention and very engaged charge nurses. I highly recommend the program to other nursing leaders who want to improve engagement.

Andrew B. Loehr, DNP, Chief Nursing Officer, Children’s of Alabama

Preview the First Video and Meet "Virtual Vicki"

Hi! I’m “Virtual Vicki” I teach healthcare leaders and staff how to 1) improve and sustain employee engagement; 2) reduce stress & burnout; and, 3) retain valued employees. I could tell you a bunch of stuff about my advanced degree, the books I’ve written and all my years of experience, but if you’re like me, you rather know about the “real” me.

I love to learn so that means that I work hard to help you learn. I take complex concepts and make them easy to understand using frameworks and fun acronyms, etc.

I love to have fun and lighten things up so that means you’ll laugh while you participate in this program. (If you don’t, then you need a vacation – now!)

I love to make a difference for those I serve so that means you’ll get responses to emails, phone calls and your questions on the discussion board.

Most importantly, I love leaders who go above and beyond to grow and develop as professionals to create positive workplaces everywhere. I assume that you fit that category or you probably wouldn’t still be reading – haha.

Are you ready to get access to the video series so we can work together? I’m ready for you. 👍

“…The leaders participated in the Engagement Excelerator Virtual Coaching Program. We recently received our 2018 employee engagement survey results and we improved in every single domain. The data shows that those leaders who had the highest participation level in the virtual coaching program had the highest percentage of staff taking the survey and the best outcomes for engagement. We highly recommend Vicki’s workshop and online program.”

Claire M. Zangerle, DNP, Chief Nurse Executive, Allegheny Health Network


You learn where and when it's most convenient for you!

Who is it for?

The Engagement Excelerator is designed for you if you’re a leader with direct reports who wants to improve & sustain employee engagement. Whether you are a VP, frontline manager, supervisor or director, this program is for you.

And when all leaders in a department, division or organization participate in the coaching program together, the synergy is even greater!

Whether you’ve heard me speak and read my books or are totally new to my ideas, the video series is a great fit. It is designed for anyone who wants to focus on and implement high-impact strategies to positively impact engagement. Already have great engagement survey scores? Congratulations! You’ll learn fresh ideas for sustaining a positive environment. If your scores are lower than you’d like and you want an easy-to-access set of tools to transform your team, you’ll get just what you need.

How does it work?

The Engagement Excelerator video series starts with tried-and-tested strategies from the book, 6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement and turns them into 26 short, easy-to-digest, online episodes. The program is designed to be engaging, easy, and above all, to work around a leader’s busy schedule.

Have you already read the book? Don’t worry! The ideas go beyond those concepts and build upon the key strategies.

Every week, you’ll receive an email with tools and information to positively impact engagement including:

  • Short Video

    A short video – only 4-6 minutes long – with a thought-provoking question to consider. During the video, “Virtual Vicki” shares solutions & strategies for sustaining engagement.

  • Optional PDF Resource

    When it’s helpful, you’ll receive a PDF with tools, tips and team meeting ideas to back up the strategies.

  • Strategy

    Each episode, you’ll receive one solid, tried-and-tested, engagement strategy that you can implement regularly.

  • Private Discussion Forum

    You receive an invitation to participate in a discussion forum to keep the conversation going. Leaders across the country share ideas for what’s working and ask questions about needed support. You can connect with others – all from the comfort of your desk.


“We saw our organization-wide engagement results increase almost 6 percentage points and we know that Vicki’s virtual program helped fuel that positive “excel”eration!”

Rachel Smith, MPA, SHRM-SCP, VP People & Culture, Evangelical Community Hospital


If you’re still reading, you might be wondering…”What’s the investment?”

I’m glad you asked because it’s amazingly low and the Return on Investment (ROI) is solid.

(Please go back and visit what you, your team and your organization get when you participate in the program for a review of the ROI).


Today is a great day to invest in yourself, your team & your organization!

15 leaders: $1970

150 Leaders: $9970

Still not sure? We get that you still might have a few concerns…here are answers to help you decide.

I don’t have time.

We get it! Unfortunately, you’re spending time focusing on employee engagement whether you realize it or not. When you invest only 4-6 minutes to watch the videos and a few more minutes to absorb the information, you’ll save hours of time in the long run. Those persistent challenges with disengaged team members will go away. Complaining and turnover will decrease so that you have time to sustain meaningful connections with your team.

I’ve tried online learning and it didn’t work.

We get it! This video series was designed with you in mind. These engaging short videos are packed with valuable content so you learn what you need when you need it. The videos are informative and easy to implement (and even funny sometimes). Getting an email every week makes the learning manageable. You’ll feel less overwhelmed and more in control.

There’s so much free content online, why should I pay for this?

We get it! You could watch YouTube videos 24/7 and drink from the firehose of the internet. Digital Vaults of programs can be so overwhelming. This online learning program is designed using the AGES Model of adult learning. It’s designed to be anti-overwhelm. You receive an email every week with bite-size chunks of information so that you stick with it and continue to learn over time. The series includes proven content delivered at a manageable pace.

I don’t have budget dollars to pay for this.

We get it! Your budget for learning may be restricted or non-existent right now. That’s why we made the investment so low. If you retain even one valued employee, you’ve paid for this many times over!

Will this really work?

We get it! It’s normal to be skeptical. Please see the testimonials from leaders just like you above! Please watch the video from Jeff Hunnicutt, CEO of Highlands Oncology Group. We have plenty more where those came from if you’d like to connect with someone who has completed the program.