Are you a Builder or a Buster?

I’ve been listening to the podcast, “How I Built This” with host Guy Raz, which shares interesting stories of entrepreneurs who started their own businesses. Some of the recent episodes include the founders of JetBlue, Eileen Fisher Clothing and Compaq Computers.

As an entrepreneur, I’m inspired by the creativity and resilience these business leaders demonstrated in starting their enterprises in spite of small and large hurdles. As the title of the podcast shares, the stories are about building and growth.

This got me thinking about how these ideas relate to you – the leaders and individuals working in healthcare today.

What are you building?
What stories would you share if you were the podcast guest?

Leaders and employees in healthcare fall into the category of a Builder or a Buster based on day-to-day performance on the job. The Performance Triangle below shows 3 key drivers of workplace behavior.

Here’s What Builders Do in Each Category…

When it comes to Motivation, Builders are: 

    • Highly engaged and connected to what makes them satisfied, energized & productive.
    • Internally driven to problem solve and find solutions.
    • Open and eager about change.

When it comes to Ability, Builders are:

    • Excited about learning, growth and development
    • Happy to volunteer for stretch assignments.
    • Accepting of feedback which promotes improved ability.

When it comes to Opportunity, Builders are:

        • Open to finding new opportunities within their current job role.
        • Aware that opportunity comes in many different forms.
        • Ready to dive in when opportunities arise.

What have you done in the last few days to earn that title?

Don’t Be a Buster

A Buster is someone who does the opposite of the behaviors shown above.

Busters are disengaged and come to work and tear down others. They suck the energy out of meetings and customer encounters. They are great at pointing fingers and laying blame. Most folks don’t self-identify as Busters; however, they demonstrate the behaviors that would define them as just that.

For today, think about how you would identify yourself. Builder or Buster? Engaged or Disengaged? Satisfied or Dissatisfied?

Today’s challenge is to look at one part of the Performance Triangle and figure out how to build your capacity in that area. I’d love to hear what you are working on – email me to let me know.

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