I wish there was a pool vacuum for my brain!

When we bought our house in South Florida last September, we were lucky enough to find a place with a small pool in the backyard. Coming from Baltimore, MD, this was a new adventure for my husband and me. Since we are sheltering in place, the pool has been a very welcome distraction.

With the breezy days, the pool often has leaves and other debris floating in it. Our more knowledgeable friends said we should get a pool vacuum to keep it clean so we invested in the vacuum that you see in the picture.  As silly as it sounds, my husband and I are constantly intrigued by how it works to “magically” clean up all the leaves and debris that are in the pool.

With everything that’s going on in the world, I was thinking recently that it would be great if I had a Mental Vacuum to clean up the “debris” that feels like it’s cluttering my headspace.

Seriously, wouldn’t that be cool? Plug it in, turn on the pump, and BOOM – all negative thoughts are cleaned up and disposed of!

I hope you aren’t disappointed and thinking, “Vicki – you’re always talking about being the Chief Paradise Officer of our lives – do you have debris in your brain?” Of course, the answer is “yes”. I regularly work to clean it up…but it’s definitely there.

The debris that I’m feeling these days falls into the category of fear and uncertainty. Sometimes frustration or anger rear their ugly heads as well. We all know that these emotions are natural and normal, but that doesn’t mean I want them to clog up my daily thoughts.

I know that negative emotions can block my beliefs and mindsets which can negatively impact my actions and ultimately my outcomes.

The Mental Vacuum
that works for me and my husband
is the mantra “What Can We Control?”…

Fear and uncertainty are the result of wanting answers where none exist. So you might be thinking there’s NOTHING I can control. The good news is, there’s plenty of things we can influence – even when we don’t know what will happen in the long term.

Start today. Think about 3 things you can control or influence to clean up the debris in your mind.

Here are three things I’m doing to clean up my debris.

  1. Using Gratitude Triggers™ to connect with all that is going well in my life. (Click HERE for more about the benefits of Gratitude)
  2. Talking about positive things that are happening right now – I’m trying not to focus on the future. Start with one thing…maybe you are excited about the team you are working with today.
  3. Celebrating the small stuff – including the kindness of others, a moment of grace or laughing with a buddy.

Whether it’s the robot vacuum in your house or the one in my pool, these automatic gadgets are time and energy savers when it comes to getting rid of annoying dirt and debris.

Turn on your Mental Vacuum and find your way back to Professional (and Personal) Paradise today.

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