What I Learned About Employee Engagement at the Eye Glass Store

Meet Karen. When she waited on my husband and me at the vision center she was marvelous. She explained things to Alan (it was his first time getting glasses) and was patient and kind. She also knew her stuff about glasses but wasn’t pushy. It was just the right level of customer service with a smile. This was employee engagement in action.


As we were talking more, Karen shared that it was her second to the last day of work at her eye store.  She leaving to go and work at the VA hospital in Baltimore in patient billing. “WOW!” I thought. They are so lucky to have her.

Employee Engagement in Real Life

Karen is obviously a Chief Paradise Officer™ (AKA someone who connects with that which makes her feel satisfied, energized & productive at work). Through her words and actions, she created a positive environment for us – even when she was leaving the job and organization!

What also impressed me was when she asked us to fill out the survey about her service. I was thinking “Who cares, she won’t even be here when the results are tallied.” Apparently Karen cared.

How much do YOU care?

How often do YOU show your internal & external customers know that you care?

What more could YOU be doing?

I imagine Karen’s health was good, she probably slept well and her family appreciated her positive attitude. I might be dreaming here, but why not? Never forget, the person who benefits the most from being a Chief Paradise Officer is the CPO him or herself.

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