Engagement: Why You Need to Do it Every Day

If you’ve been reading my newsletter, blogs or articles for very long, you know I have a regular exercise routine. On Monday, it’s Boot Camp, Tuesday and Friday are yoga and Wednesday and Thursday are Masters Swimming. Other days I add in walking, riding my bike with friends and stand up paddle boarding.

Exercise is a key priority for me so it’s on my calendar every day.  That’s the only way I can maintain my desired level of health for my body and mind.

Yes – it takes work. Yes – it takes discipline. Yes – sometimes I don’t want to do it. Yes – it’s worth it because I benefit from how good I feel when I do it.

The same holds true for engagement at work. If you want to be satisfied, energized & productive at work (AKA “engaged”), then having a daily practice makes all the difference. Whether you are a leader looking to engage your team or an individual in search of Professional Paradise™, these 3 tips will help.

Pack Your “Bag” the Night Before

When I’m going to the gym early in the morning, I want to avoid all potential obstacles. Having my bag packed and in the car makes it easy to get up and go.

Here’s a similar idea related to engagement. Before you leave work, add one or two things to the next day’s calendar that will remind you to focus on engagement.

If you are a leader, it could be preparing for a one-on-one meeting. If you work in a staff role, it could be putting a Gratitude Trigger™ (something that reminds you to be grateful) on your calendar.

Have an Accountability Partner

When I’m meeting someone to ride bikes or paddleboard and I’m feeling less than motivated that day, I get up and go because I made a commitment.

Here’s a similar idea related to engagement. Talk to a trusted coworker about being the Chief Paradise Officer of your job. When you feel like complaining, avoid the temptation to “vent” and help each other focus on something that’s going well so that you can re-engage and move forward.

Celebrate Your Consistent Focus

When I’m working out on a regular basis, my reward is that I sleep better, feel better and fit into my clothes. This motivates me to keep up the exercise routine.

Here’s a similar idea related to engagement. When something internal or external makes you feel satisfied, energized and productive, take a moment to revel in how good it feels. Stop and smile. Celebrate the joyful feeling.

Making engagement part of every day is the key to success.

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