I think I might have gone too far…

If you’ve heard me speak or read my articles, you’re probably familiar with my thoughts and ideas about whose job it is to make you happy at work. I firmly believe in personal empowerment and self-accountability. I encourage folks to be the one creating their own Professional Paradise. “I’ve Got the Power” is my anthem.

I recently read an article in Nurse Leader magazine entitled, “Rethinking Resilience”. In the article, the authors talked about the differences between personal resilience and “resilience needed in the work environment.” They shared that “rethinking resilience requires [nurse] leaders to create supportive work environment improvements in addition to supporting personal resilience strategies.”

I started thinking, “Maybe I’ve gone too far!”
Maybe I’ve been pushing personal reasonability too much.
This is a good reminder for us all that resilience is a team sport!

In my book, 6 Shortcuts to Employee Engagement, I share the It Takes 3™ model which states that to improve and sustain engagement at work, it takes

  1. The organization at a strategic level
  2. Leaders at a tactical level
  3. Individuals at a personal level

As we end 2019 and look forward to a new year with new challenges, it makes sense to revisit the role of each group.

As you review these lists, it’s encouraging to note that everyone can impact engagement and resilience every day. It’s exciting that with focus and intention, the opportunity for personal and work environment resilience is alive and well.

No one group is more important than another AND
every group needs to do their part.

As you make your New Year’s resolutions, pick the column that is lacking in your world and see what you can do it positively impact those elements.

Here are 3 ways to get started:

  1. Step up and get involved to make positive changes.
  2. Be grateful for what’s already working.
  3. Appreciate those who make a difference for you.

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