Is 100% Employee Engagement Possible?

I love following up with folks who hear me speak to learn about how they are using the tools and resources that I share in my talks.

I was excited to learn that Amy Boyce (who heard me speak at a conference) and her team in outpatient radiology at the Center for Advanced Medicine, South County, Barnes Jewish Hospital, had achieved 100% engagement on their last survey. I was going to St. Louis, MO so we set up a time for me to visit.

Vicki and AmyI wanted to see in person what 100% engagement looks like. I was curious to learn about their “secret sauce”.

I arrived and found Amy waiting for me at the front entrance as promised. Amy is a strong leader who is committed to the employees and patients she serves. Her sincerity and genuine interest in creating the best possible workplace came through during my visit. I could tell that managing this team is what makes Amy feel satisfied, energized & productive at work (AKA engaged).

As I met each member of the team I asked,
“What makes this department so special?”
To a person, they responded, “We’re a family”.

Here are some of the things Amy and the team shared that are responsible for their high level of engagement:

Hire for engagement.

They don’t settle for someone who is good technically but isn’t willing to put in the work to support others on the team. They have interviewed dozens of people for an open position and would rather cover the open position than hire the wrong person.

Don’t put up with bad attitudes.

The turnover that the department has experienced has been positive with folks being held accountable for their interactions. If you don’t give your patients and job responsibilities your all, you aren’t going to last here.

Have each other’s back.

Each member of the team mentioned how they look out for each other and make sure everyone has the support they need. They successfully work in small spaces with very high productivity because of their teamwork.

Everyone is a leader.

The group decided they didn’t need a “lead” tech or nurse because they all see themselves as leaders. Each person is capable of being “in charge” to meet the needs of patients and co-workers. They cover for each other and make sure that their patients get the best care possible. As a result, they consistently score well on patient experience surveys.

Visible and supportive supervisor.

Amy is physically and mentally present with her team. She frequently rounds with staff to make sure they are having a good day at work. She removes obstacles and provides needed tools and resources. She is a good listener and pays attention to the engagement level of the team members.

As you can see, there is no “secret sauce”. But of course, you probably already knew that. Working on employee engagement is like getting in shape. There aren’t any secrets, it takes consistent work overtime to achieve positive outcomes. Every item above is achievable in any workplace.

I loved the time I spent visiting with the outpatient radiology team at Barnes Jewish. Their smiles are contagious. Their sincerity is refreshing and their work ethic is remarkable. Congratulations on creating your very own Professional Paradise!

Do you have an engagement success story you’d like to share? I’d love to hear what your department is doing on your way to 100% engagement.



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