It’s my 17th Anniversary and YOU Get the Present!

Happy Anniversary to me! Wait, that doesn’t sound good…but it’s true.

This month I’m celebrating being in business for 17 years!

VickiIn 2001, I decided to leave my hospital learning and development job and took the leap into being an entrepreneur. One consistent thing I’ve done over the years is push myself to do things that are sometimes uncomfortable. With that in mind, I decided a stand-up paddle (SUP) board would be the perfect gift to help me celebrate.

To help you join in the celebration, Here are 17 things I’ve said over the years that have transformed the way I work, play and live.

As you read these, I hope you’ll find some inspiration for creating and sustaining your own #ProfessionalParadise.

1. Yes!

2. I’m sorry.

3. I’m not sure.

4. Please join me.

5. I’m happy to help.

6. I’ve got the power!

7. How does that work?

8. Can you meet for coffee?

9. I’m uncomfortable with…

10. Thank you for inviting me.

11. I’m following up to find out…

12. I need time to think about it.

13. Unfortunately, I can’t do that.

14. I need to SHIFT this POW to a WOW.

15. I’m SOGR8FL for my life/work/family/etc.

16. Go away. (to the negative voice in my head)


For #17, here are few extra special thank you’s going out to…

Alan Hess, my husband and VP of “Everything I Don’t Want to Do”

Marcia Snow, Director of Client Engagement

Darlene Snow, Business Manager

Lori Miller, IT Support

And so many more! I could never have made it to 17 years without you!

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