Sometimes You Need to Disengage to Engage

I was at a yoga class recently and the teacher was reminding us to focus on our inhale and exhale – the yin & yang of breathing. It was a great reminder that inhaling all the time doesn’t work. We need to stop to exhale – to disengage – to fill up again. Don’t worry, the newsletter isn’t a Zen diatribe (is there such a thing) on finding your true self (although that might be a good one for the future – haha). Today is all about letting go in order to be more engaged.

Marcia & DarleneThe picture here is of Marcia Snow (on the right), Director of Client Engagement and her daughter Darlene (who also works with me). Those of you who are clients or who have reached out to connect know Marcia & Darlene as two of the nicest, service-oriented folks around. They work hard! Here’s a picture of them before a recent Bunco party with some girlfriends. They took a break in a fun-loving way as they disengaged to re-engage in the work they do.

The Yin/Yang of Employee Engagement
It’s easy to get stuck and feel disengaged at work. We often see others around us who feel overwhelmed or out of sorts due to rapid change, heavy workloads, drama in the workplace and more. That’s why we need to disengage and create some distance (mental and/or physical).

Distance gives a new perspective.
New perspectives change beliefs and mindsets.
New beliefs and mindsets change actions.
New actions change outcomes.

Try these 3 ideas to reconnect to what makes you feel satisfied, energized & productive (AKA engaged).

1. Disengage fully.
Take time off. Have fun. Relax. Explore. Disconnect. Find joy in serving others. Do what makes your boat float.

2. Disengage from a specific situation.
Just because something happens around you at work, it doesn’t mean you must join in whatever is happening. If one of your coworkers is felling the pull of The Chain Gang (AKA disengagement), you can walk away. Choose another direction. Choose a new perspective (see above).

3. Disengage from circumstances that are out of your control.
If there’s a systemic issue that you encounter and you don’t have the ability to change whatever is happening, then disengage. Use the rule of 3 related to complaining about something. You can complain to 3 different people and then disengage. After a while, complaining is just a way we hurt ourselves.

As you go about your day today, think about the yin/yang of engagement. Where can you disengage to engage and create your own Professional Paradise?




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