It’s Our Sweet Sixteen – You Get the Present!

July is our anniversary month and we’re happy to be celebrating 16 years in business. How sweet it is! 

Thanks for your support along the way!

As my gift to you, here are 16 things to do to improve engagement:

  1. Choose to be the Chief Paradise Officer (CPO) of your job.
  2. Encourage others to join you.
  3. Look at your beliefs about whose job it is to make you happy at work.
  4. Say “Thank You” and mean it!
  5. Help others grow & develop & shine.
  6. Be honest – have challenging conversations.
  7. Recognize your own true value at work.
  8. Smile even when you don’t feel like it.
  9. Create “gratitude triggers” and practice gratitude every day.
  10. Forge positive connections with others.
  11. Offer to help someone.
  12. Communicate clearly and without ulterior motives.
  13. Assume positive intent of others until proven otherwise.
  14. Don’t take things personally.
  15. Lighten up and laugh!
  16. When you don’t know the ending to a story – write a happy one.

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