The Power of Potential WOWs 👏

A WOW is something internal or external that makes you feel satisfied, energized and productive.

Examples of internal WOWs include:

  • Gratitude.
  • A feeling of accomplishment.
  • Learning something new.

Examples of external WOWs include:

  • Receiving a compliment.
  • Having everything you need to accomplish a task.
  • Witnessing a beautiful sunset.

The WOW is in the eyes of the person who experiences it. As the name implies, a Potential WOW is something positive that might happen in the future.

Think of the last time you planned a vacation and how excited you were while making arrangements. Remember how much fun it was in the days leading up to your big trip? Just the anticipation of seeing new places, partaking in an adventure, or visiting family is fun and feels good.

When you’re experiencing the WOW of anticipation, your body relaxes and a smile comes to your face. You’re in a good mood and problems don’t seem so bad.

Here’s some good news…Potential WOW’s aren’t just for vacations.

They exist at work too!

What’s something that your organization, department or team is planning that you’re looking forward to? Is there a new building in the works or a technology solution that will save everyone a lot of time? Are there new members of the team starting soon and you’re looking forward to having additional support to get your work done? These are a few examples of Potential WOWs at work.

You can capitalize on these Potential WOWs and lower your stress. Take the time today to reflect on good things that are coming in the future. Talk them up. Enjoy the anticipation. After all, there’s no reason to wait until the actual experience happens to start feeling satisfied, energized & productive.

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