Improve Job Satisfaction with Employee Engagement Triggers

Most employees don’t care about employee engagement but they do want to have a good day at work. Would you agree?

Having a good day at work is the best reward for putting in the effort of showing up and doing your best. The great news is that “good day” is defined differently for everyone.

When I wrote SHIFT to Professional Paradise, I asked over 1000 people “What makes you happy at work?

Here are the top 4 responses:

  1. Compelling a project
  2. Positive connections
  3. Appreciation
  4. Teamwork

Here’s more great news. You are in control of all of each of these!

Imagine showing up for work with a mindset that says “I can’t wait to get work done. I’m excited about who I get to work with and our team. I’m going to appreciate those around me.” What if everyone showed up with that mindset. That would be Professional Paradise!

Unfortunately, old habits get in the way and old, unproductive, mindsets rear their ugly head. Sometimes we forget to intentionally have a good day at work and get sucked into the tide of others’ negativity. So here is where the Triggers come in.

I speak and write about creating Gratitude Triggers on a regular basis. A Gratitude Trigger is using something that routinely happens as a reminder to be grateful. Many people use meal time as that trigger and say “thank you” for the food they are about to eat. Let’s apply the same idea to engagement at work.

My definition of engagement is when you are satisfied, energized and productive. What’s already going on in your day that you could use as a trigger to connect with that? Some ideas that might work are:

  • When the computer is starting up in the morning
  • While on hold on the phone
  • When pulling up to the office before getting out of the car
  • While on the way to have lunch

During all these times, your mind is free to think about something good that’s happened recently. You can smile about something you’ve accomplished or someone you enjoyed talking with or appreciation you have given or received. Start small with one engagement trigger and add more as you get comfortable with consciously focusing on your good day at work.

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