What if you could get that Summer Camp feeling at work?

Do you remember having summers off?

I was talking with friends about summer camp and how much fun it was to play at our neighborhood pool and run around with friends. Being off of school gave us that needed break from studying and responsibility.

If only we all had the summer off from work!

I’m pretty sure that isn’t going to happen for most of us, so I was thinking about the next best thing.

What if we changed the way we looked at things to create more Joy at work.

May was a busy month with Nurses Week and lots of conferences. As I talk to clients and conference program planning committees, I hear more and more about the desire to find joy in work. It seems many people are struggling with increased workloads, ever-changing priorities and a do-more-with-less mentality.

I’m here to help. This summer, I’m going to focus on 3 ways to grow WOWs at work. As a reminder,a WOW is something that makes you feel satisfied, energized and productive;AKA engaged. Each month, I’ll share one idea to bring a little summertime Joy to work.

This month’s tip is to Spread Appreciation!

The cool thing about appreciation is that it’s a WOW for the giver and the receiver. Each time you appreciate someone that you work with, you get to experience the good feeling that comes with saying “thank-you.”

When you’re on the receiving end and someone appreciates you, then you get to “feel the love” and understand the value of the work that you do.

It’s that simple. Start to spread appreciation to your peers, your boss, your family and friends. This WOW is a great way to lighten up and enjoy the people that you spend time with.

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